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Scope of Social Development

The development as a concept is not limited to society and economic development but it is a process that affects each and every area of the society. The social and cultural aspect affects the economic development as described by Max Weber in his protestant ethics and spirit to capitalism. The economic development leads to various changes in society as described by Max Weber.Development is very much affected by the politics and type of government in a society. If a society has liberal government than the policies regarding the development would be liberal. Various policies and plans attract the foreign investors and bring investment in the economy that in turn can benefit the society. The indicators of development are liberalization, globalization, standard of living etc.

Globalization is an important area that affects cultural aspects. The open cultural interaction between different communities help in globalization process. The development has one more impact the development of an infrastructure. For analyzing the scope of sociology of development the change in the infrastructure is necessary to analyze. With the improvements in transportation, trade and flow of money economy, road and transportation improvements the people have better access to infrastructure and help in improving the quality of living as well.

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