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The word eugenic was coined by Francis Galton; Eugenics is a conscious effort to improve the genetic quality of human race.

Charles Darwin gave emphasis on the great role played by natural selection in selecting certain genotypes eliminating others in the course of evolution. Positive eugenics encourages reproduction among those whom society considers desirable.

The other approach is known as negative or preventive eugenics which discourage reproduction among those who have certain genetic defects mental or physical. Positive eugenics suggests that attempts should be made to generate enthusiasm among the people of the higher socio-economic levels to have more number of children per family. They should be given incentives in different manners to have more children.

How to reduce the frequencies of undesirable genotypes? Various negative measures have been suggested for this purpose for example to prevent the genetically defective persons from reproduction. If the probability of giving birth to a defective child by a couple is very high the couple should go for medically induced abortion of the fetus.

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