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Sustainability and Development Processes

Sustainable development can be defined as the development of natural resources to meet the immediate needs of the present population without hampering the requirements of future generations as well as endangering the ecology and environment as such i.e to take into account the local and global effects to arrive at an optimal solution for meeting the basic aspirations of the affected people.

UN defines sustainable development as improving the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of the supporting ecosystems.

Decision makers are often faced with the intense concern of various individuals and groups regarding what they see as potential dangers in the environment, dangers often associated with the development of advanced and new technology. The objectives of sustainability, resource conservation and pollution control should guide every development process. It includes its scope considerations of aspects like sustainable growth, the development principles and practices.

Growth and principles necessarily have to devote to related fields of politics of sustainability, economic models and environmental values. The deterioration in the ecological base in various countries due to irrational management of the resource and environmental systems having damaging repercussions are reflective of unsustainable policy frame and planning strategies followed so far.

Sustainable development by enhancing production potential and upgrading degraded land provides key to the economic growth of the country.

According to recent international report for sustainable world several transitions are prerequities.These might include a production efficiency era of minimum environmental damage through energy transition. A demographic transition for a stable world population. From non-renewable to renewable resource transition for energy consumption by formulating a phase-out policy of the use of non-renewable resources in general.

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