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Forensic Anthropology

Forensic science is the science of medical analysis in the course of investigation into crime. Today there are forensic laboratories in almost all parts of the world. Special techniques have been evolved to look into the causes of death etc of persons subjected to crime and criminal activities.

The anthropologist looks for the causes of death, the age at the time of death, the rate of deterioration of the body etc. The various diseases that plagued mankind through the period of evolution can also be ascertained by forensic tests of mummies, bones etc in graves and tombs.

Applied anthropology has entered the field of forensic science to ascertain the medical history of various tribes and societies. They study the palaeo-anatomy and palaeo-pathology.Palaeo-pathological studies have been conducted through skeletons, works of art of prehistoric races etc.Attention has been paid to the study of rates of mortality and average life span in prehistoric population.

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