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2016 Annual Global Gender Gap Index - World Economic Forum

India is ranked at a low 87th place globally in terms of gender equality despite an improvement from last year's position due to progress in the education.Iceland is at the top of the gender index. India was previously ranked 108th and this year the gender gap has been closed by 2% and it stands at 68% across the four parameters of economy,education,health and political representation. The major improvement has been in education where India has managed to close its gap entirely in primary and secondary education according to the report.However in the economic sphere much work remains to be done.India stands at 136 out of 144 countries.At education front ,India was ranked at 113th place ,in terms of health and survival it was placed at a lowly 142 while on poliitcal empowernment it was among the top 10 countries.According to the report the prospects of global workplace gender parity slipped further and economic parity between the genders could take 170years  .In 2015 projections based on Global Gender Gap report  data suggested that the economic gap could be closed within 118 years.The report finds that progress towards parity in the key economic pillar has slowed dramatically with the gap which stands at 59%.The reasons for the decline are manyfold including salary where women around the world on average earning just over half of what men earn despite working long hours and qualifications.The stagnant labour force participation is another challenge with the global average for women at 54% compared to 81%  for men.

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