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Infant Mortality in India - UNICEF South Asia Health Atlas

According to UNICEF report, India was home to 7,00,000 of the one million babies who died within 28 days of birth in South Asia in 2015.India consistently ranked a sixth in the new born care services among the eight countries in the region including Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri lanka and Maldives. Only Pakistan and Afghanistan are ranked lower than India. India accounts for 26% of newborn deaths in the world. The total number of deaths is higher in India because of its large young population and corresponding high number of births but the high newborn mortality rate is an indicator of India’s standing in the region. New born mortality rates defined as deaths per 1000 live births in India are the third highest at 28 Pakistan’s NMR is the highest at 46 followed by Afghanistan at 36 which are very high compared to the best performing Maldives and Sri Lanka where 5 new born deaths happen per 1000 live births. Giving each child three doses of the DTP vaccine against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus is the World Health Organization’s accepted indicator for routine immunization coverage. In India, DPT3 coverage is 87% against Bhutan’s 99% and Bangladesh’s 94%. With an under –five population of more than 121 million, India accounts for the highest number of the 1.5 million global childhood Pneumonia and diarrhea deaths followed by Nigeria and Pakistan. These deaths can be prevented using vaccines, oral rehydration solution and basic hygiene practices.


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