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Parsis : Vanishing Race in India

The Parsis community in India is declinning with their population fell to 18% in 2001-2011 decade and dropped to just a little over  57000 according to 2011 Census. This is the sharpest decline in the tiniest religious minority after 1981 when the census reported a 27% fall over the previous decade. The community was able to slow down the decline but the 2001 indicated the reversal of trend.

Maharashtra has a Parsi population of 44,854 the highest while Delhi has just 221.According to the Parsi scholars ,by continuing with the late marriages,non marriage and limited child birth the community is killing itself and the religion as well.The Central Government stepped in with a scheme in September 2013 - Jiyo Parsi to stop the decline in population after studies revealed that only 1 in 9 Parsi families had a child below 10 years.The Parsis came to Indian subcontinent  more than 1000 years ago from Persia where they flourished before Islam.

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