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Caste System is entrenched in Indian psyche - A Survey

The recently concluded Social Attitude Research India survey done in some of the major Indian cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan and UP has reinforced what is ailing India since time immemorial. As per the findings almost two-third of rural Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh population practice untouchability. They oppose and look down upon Dalit and non-Dalit marriage alliances. They wanted a law that can prevent such marriages. These prejudices are prevalent even in the urban areas and institutions of higher learning. None can forget the Rohit Vemula case in Hyderabad University. The biggest obstacle in the understanding and persistence of class and caste in Indian society is lack of education which can empower the communities.

The quota system will not alone provide answer to these age-old prejudices in the society. The need is to encourage education at the pre-primary and primary level where children from all the backgrounds integrate and learn together. Ensuring education for the marginalized communities will help them in getting equal opportunities in their lives. The government should also ensure that the poverty alleviation schemes should reach the people for whom they are meant instead of getting diluted or benefitting those who really don’t require them. It is a fact where the benefits of education has reached the lowest level there has been tremendous improvement in the socio-economic status of the marginalized communities. It is not easy to change social attitudes and mindsets but the state should create enabling environment for the Dalits to access up to the social mobility and break barriers for their development and growth. 

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