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The Legacy of Colonialism

Most of the African countries attained independence from the colonial powers by the end of the 20th century. The colonizing country exploited the labor and resources of the colony. According to Walter Rodney, in the end, the African continent that was once controlled by colonial powers has been consigned to the role of producer of primary products for processing in the west. This continuing economic dependence on former colonial powers in known as neocolonialism. The neocolonialism is a new form of colonialism where more powerful foreign governments and foreign owned businesses continue to exploit the resources and labor of the postcolonial people. The resources flow from the former colonies to the wealthiest nations that once controlled them. According to Ferrante, in 2007 the US Dept. of Defense put the continent of Africa under one military command known as Africom.Prior to this the command of the African continent was split between the European and Pacific commands .It was criticized by the African nations calling it a US grab for African resources however US position is that Africom allows the US military to help the Africans help themselves, provide security and to support the civilian agency programs.

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