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Some findings on Muslim status in India 2011 Census

As per the new census data released  by Govt of India ,almost 25% of 370,000 beggars are Muslims reinforcing that the community still lags behind on most indicators despite country's rapid economic growth. Muslims who are 14% of the total India's population come out at the bottom of most socio-economic indices.There is high level of destitution and disparity well documented by 2006 Sachar Committee.The report found high poverty and low literacy levels among Muslims.Their access to credit facilities very limited.At the same time less than 5% of Muslims held government jobs.As per the government statistics ,the employment is up from 5% a decade ago to 8.5% in 2014-15.Higher education indices for 2014-15 put the gross enrolment rate at 13.8% for Muslims compared to an all India figure of 23.6%.Within their community the literacy rate of Muslim adult males is 81% compared to 91% among Hindus,94% among Christians and 84% among Sikhs according to a 2013 National Sample Survey Organization.Muslim population inside jails is going up too.31.09% Muslims were lodged in Maharashtra jails in 2013.The state average was 19.06%.

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