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Sociology, Globalization and Discontent

Zygmunt Bauman is one of the foremost thinkers of the contemporary sociology. He writes about a range of modern processes, the eclipse of the nation state, the effects of global economic forces destructive of humanism. He believes that today people are more than ever at the mercy of the market forces that are beyond their powers collectively to control. They are aware of this danger but increasingly adapt to the insecure world. They are in danger of entering blind alleys at the end that is further fear and isolation from the fellow beings. Market society both causes the ills from which people suffer and proffers false solutions in the form of commercially available remedies that in fact prolong the illness. People live today without an alternative. They live without community support and enduring collective actors, identification with which and allegiance to which might guarantee as once they were believed to do a move towards a higher more progressive social existence than the present one. Bauman’s work is both on the classical sociological themes like rationalization and modernity and extends social theory to address the contemporary social issues. He confronts the readers with both the problems and possibilities of living in a new stage of social life. Reading Bauman is critical for those who are concerned with how contemporary society affects our abilities to be ethical and live purposeful lives.

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