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Greek Tradition and Sociology

Greek philosophy offered scope for intellectual debate advocating the truth is not absolute. Every established truth can be subjected to debate; discussions resulting in acceptance to or rejection of the established truth. It is concerned about the promotion of human happiness explaining the future directions to social order. According to Plato it is the communism dominated by the rule of king could promote happiness. He asserts that everyone may have a desire to rule but they may not have capacity to become effective leaders. Thus a leader must be altruistic and not concerned with his self-promotion. Plato’s theory of communism offers an intellectual guideline to sociology of Marx about the materialistic interpretation of history and social change. The central objective of good governance is the promotion of human happiness and it is possible where private property is abolished and State emerged as supreme and all are morally committed to their work. Hence the Greek philosophy can be considered as the foundation to the growth of the sociological theories.

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