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India is a land of believers- 2011 census

India is a land of believers .Only 33,000 people declared themselves  atheists as per 2011 census.Nearly half of women are atheists.Nearly seven out of every 10 atheists live in rural India. At 9,652 Maharashtra is home to highest number of atheists.71% of them live in the villages.Meghalaya comes next with 9,089. Kerala reported 4,896 atheists six times more than West Bengal's 784. Atheists are a miniscule minority barely 0.0027% of the total population. About 2.9 million or 0.24% of the population did not tell enumerators their religion or confused with other identities.They were listed under the category religion not stated.The census figures are also half of the 66,000 people from India who counted themselves as atheists in an online global census  each vote identified on the basis of an email address.

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